You Buy A Pair, We Donate a $1.00

For the Month of April. Every pair of socks sold on, Fox River will donate $1.00 to support the phenomenal work Military to the Mountain is doing for our veterans.

At Fox River, we are inspired by the commitment and sacrifices that active Military service members and Veterans have made for our country. We are honored to support these service members through every stage of their journey. From high performance Military socks for active soldiers, by partnering with the High Five's Military to Mountains, all the way to supporting VA patients with socks to care for their feet. We are there for them, just like they have been there for us. Thanks to all of active duty and Military veterans!

Military To The Mountains

Military to the Mountains (M2M) is a way to tell the stories of U.S. veterans and first responders who choose to embrace goal setting and athleticism as a way to enjoy life and all of its challenges. M2M demonstrates our deep sense of appreciation for the men and women who serve our country, specifically those who have sustained life-changing injury. 

Veterans and first responder participants are selected from the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, TX, or the City of Reno, NV. They are provided the opportunity to train for 9 weeks, preparing for 1 week of skiing and snowboarding at Palisades Tahoe in Olympic Valley, CA or Granby Ranch, CO. 

Military to the Mountains is 100 precent free for participants - from transportation and lodging to training and outfitting participants with the right equipment and apparel.

Visit our friends at High Five to learn more about why they created Military to the Mountains.

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