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Fox River Pro Community

The Fox River Pro Community is a membership program for qualified outdoor professionals, industry partners and select honorary professionals. Membership is by application, is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time. Thoroughly reading the application guidelines and submitting all completed materials will ensure no unnecessary delays. Qualifications may change due to company needs, market concerns or industry changes.

Application Process

Applications are usually evaluated within 48-hours, but may take longer. During this time, please do not call or email to ask the status of your application. We process applications as they come in and the more emails and calls we receive, the longer it takes to process your application. Upon submission, you will receive a series of emails noted below. Please use an email address you have full access to. If you are unable to verify your email address, we are unable to approve your application. Confirm your email to sign-in to your account. Confirming receipt of your application. After your application has been evaluated, you will receive an Approval or Rejection email.

Are you eligible?

At this time we are only accepting applications from the categories listed in the Pro Classification list below. If you do not see your professional category, do not apply. Please note, Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, First Responder and Healthcare have separate discount programs. More information can be found in the footer under Member Programs.

Proof of Eligibility Requirements

All proof of eligibility must contain your name & current date (please black out other sensitive information). Accepted forms of supporting documentation include: 

  • Paystub dated within 30-days of the application date.
  • Work ID or permit with an expiration date.
  • Current certification, (no lifelong certifications
  • Dated verification letter from employer within 30-days of the application date.
  • Live profile or bio in a company website clearly showing all required details
  • Outdoor Media Professionals must submit a current contract with an outdoor brand or a published article or featured photograph in a prominent outdoor industry publication within the last year.

Still Have Questions?

Find answers to frequently asked questions, more about our returns policy or connect with our dedicated customer service team.

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