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Women’s Hiking Socks

      No matter where your outdoor travels take you, Fox River Socks have your feet covered. We make our women’s hiking socks for all-day comfort, with features like moisture-wicking material and cushioned soles. The best women’s hiking socks will last you for multiple seasons and keep your feet comfy and protected no matter what.
      Choose from a variety of styles, including anklecrew and quarter crew socks. We offer hiking socks for women in a variety of materials and weights. Pick a lightweight pair for a short hike or a cushioned medium-weight pair for an all-day jaunt. Shop our entire line of hiking socks.
      For extra help finding the right women’s wool hiking socks for you or for more information about our products, feel free to contact us today.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The best hiking socks for women are carefully designed to provide exceptional durability and comfort, making them indispensable for outdoor adventures. Our hiking socks are expertly crafted to endure various outdoor conditions, ensuring that your feet remain comfortable and blister-free during your hike.

      Crafted with the perfect blend of merino wool and silk, these socks offer elevated performance like never before. The natural moisture-wicking properties of merino wool keep your feet dry, while silk adds a touch of luxury and enhances breathability. Whether you're trekking through rugged terrains or enjoying a leisurely hike, our Merino Silk Hiking Socks will keep your feet cozy, dry, and ready for the next adventure. Step into the extraordinary comfort of the merino-silk blend and step into the future of hiking socks.

      Yes, hiking socks are necessary for a more comfortable and enjoyable hiking experience, as they provide important benefits such as moisture management, cushioning, and foot protection.