At Fox River, we hold a deep appreciation for the unwavering commitment and sacrifices made by our active-duty military personnel and veterans who stand as guardians of our nation. Throughout the entire year, we channel the spirit of generosity to unite our community in support of these brave individuals.

Our mission: to provide them with the finest tactical socks, a small token of our gratitude for their dedicated service, whether they are stationed abroad or safeguarding our borders.

With our Socks for Soldiers program, we extend an opportunity to friends, family members, and our courageous active-duty military personnel to create personalized registries. It's a chance to express your appreciation and support in a meaningful way.

But here's the exciting part – you can also actively participate in supporting our troops by personally purchasing and fulfilling items listed in their registries!

Here's how it all comes together:

Nominate a Soldier: Use our easy-to-fill nomination form to provide us with essential details about the soldier you'd like to honor. Just remember, the soldier's return date from duty must not be within the next 2 months.

Create a Personal Gift Registry: Once your nomination is successfully submitted, you will receive our guidance to set up your nominated soldier's personal gift registry. This registry will be accessible to the public on our website.

Accessible to Customers: Our incredible Fox River customers will have the privilege of perusing these registries and selecting items to gift to the nominated soldier. It's a way for our community to come together and show our appreciation.

Weekly Random Draw: To add an extra layer of excitement, every week, we'll randomly select registries and fulfill socks requested. It's our way of spreading joy and ensuring that deserving soldiers receive the support they deserve.

Our Socks for Soldiers program is our heartfelt way of saying "thank you" to those who dedicate their lives to safeguarding our nation. Join us in this mission of appreciation and support.
Together, we can make a difference, one pair of tactical socks at a time.