Socks For Soldiers

Currently Under Construction

Thank you for showing interest in our Socks for Soldiers program. A program where you can gift Fox River products to loved ones & friends who are actively deployed in the US Military. We appreciate your patience as we are currently in an extended development phase in releasing a new version of this program. Are primary objectives for the new experience are:

  • Allow friends and family to build their own registries onsite without manual form submission.
  • Expand product selection beyond select Military styles.
  • Increase the turn around speed in which registries are posted online to be shopped.
  • Possible photo inclusion feature, of family member or friend.

Our active service members deserve all the help we can contribute. In the meantime, we’ve partnered with to provide all service members with the very best Fox River price across all products. As a family or friend who is waiting to contribute, thank you for your understanding while we work on providing you and our service members an upgraded experience.

Thank you!
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