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      When you embark on your outdoor adventures, having the right gear can make all the difference. That's why we've designed a range of hiking socks that blend style, performance, and comfort seamlessly. 

      If you prefer the classic look and extra calf coverage, our crew socks are your go-to choice. They offer both protection and style for your outdoor journeys.

      For those who like a balance between ankle freedom and a snug fit, our quarter crew socks are the perfect match. They keep you comfortable and offer versatility for various hiking conditions.

      Fox River hiking socks incorporate the exceptional qualities of merino wool, offering natural temperature regulation, moisture-wicking, and unbeatable comfort. Whether it's a warm summer hike or a chilly winter trek, your feet will thank you. For the ultimate in luxury and performance, our merino silk blend socks provide a silky-smooth feel and advanced moisture management, keeping your feet cool and dry. Shop our collection of Women's Hiking Socks, Men's Hiking Socks and Kids' Hiking Socks.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      The best hiking socks are made with Merino Wool. Fox River merino wool hiking socks offer a blend of comfort, performance, and natural benefits that make them a popular choice for hikers of all levels. They help ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable hiking experience in various weather conditions and terrains.

      Yes! While our women's specific socks are designed with the female hiker in mind, it's important to note that women can still opt for our men's socks if they prefer a different style.

      Hiking socks play a crucial role in enhancing your hiking comfort. Unlike standard cotton socks, Fox River hiking socks work to maintain dryness, reduce sweat, and provide extra cushioning, preventing the formation of painful blisters caused by friction between your footwear and the back of your foot during your trek.