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My husband wears these socks daily. He is very happy with them and ordered a lot. He will be your lifetime customer!

Well made socks

Hands down best socks on the market. I’ve looked all over SC for decent everyday socks and can’t find Jack. Bought them from my living room chair. I also love their arrowhead logo.

A little problem

I've been a fan of Fox River socks for a long time. Wore them in ski boots, hiking boots and for warmth in winter. Superior wicking. Imagine my chagrin when the first pair of the new ones I put on -- I put my finger through the cuff as I was pulling them on. Other than that. They're fine.

Lightweight Crew

Great comfortable lightweight crew sock.

Wick Dry Outlander Lightweight Mid-Calf Boot

Love the socks. Won’t buy another brand.


The mask is super soft and comfy, and it doesn’t slip around. It fits my fiancé really well, but I have a big head and it pulls on my ears. Some adjustability would help that but I know I’m in the minority.

Very comfortable for Diabetics

My husband is a Diabetic. We picked up a pair of these socks at Whistle Workwear probably 8 years ago or more. These are the only socks my husband has worn for work since. I have to get them online now because Whistle Workwear doesn’t carry them anymore. As one of the other reviewers said, they last for years! They are amazing. And my husband loves them. They don’t have any holes in them and don’t fall down. The only request I would have is some way on the socks to tell the old ones from the new ones. Because they are black and red, so Dark, a permanent marker doesn’t work. I’m thinking maybe I can put a little white stitch in each of the old socks. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them!
Anyway great socks for my husbands diabetes.

Crew socks value pack

Crew socks value packThey are my favorite socks I can’t find them in the local stores anymore so I just order them straight from Fox River I really like them but they’re made in USA

Total Comfort

Besides comfort Fox River Socks provide quality and long wear.

Sent to my son in BCT for The Forge

My son is in the Army and requested a few more pairs. He says they’re the best socks!

PaisleyPointelle UltraLight Creww socks

Comfortable warm

Wick Dry Northwest Extra-Heavyweight Over-the-Calf Boot

Best inner socks ever!

These inner socks are well made and comfortable. I wear them on hikes and long walks to eliminate blisters and chafing. Fox River customer service is also first rate, kind, friendly, and efficient.

Great for working out!

One of the few masks that can protect and still breath through as I'm working out!

Great socks!

These socks hold up well in rigid toe shoes

Sweet socks

I read about this brand in a book, Crossing Antarctica. Good book, good socks. Will be buying more.

Super comfortable and durable

I look forward to putting them on every time!


So soft - an will be warm this winter. I'm thrilled with these

Sizing is bonkers

Socks are fine, top grade, but Large size is more like Small and uncomfortably tight, not wearable. Too much bother to return.

Diabetic socks are great

Both my husband and I love the diabetic socks. They are easy to put on and
take off and are very comfortable. Highly recommended for anyonw.

Great Ski Socks

With a Smart Woo blend, over the calf length and XL size for my size 13 feet, what is not to like. I bought this sock from Fox River before and it is great. I used the sale prices to restock my supply. Great quality!

So soft, so comfy

I have various socks from Fox River and love them all. They are well made. The material manages to be both soft and durable, especially this version. I love these socks for skiing in my more snug tele boots as they do not have extra padding which I do not need. I also own the lightweight which work great when I want or need a little extra padding.


Great socks I have been buying them for over 15 years they are very durable whether you are wearing them in summer or winter they are perfect. Made in America Plus free shipping

Beat socks ever

I am tough on socks but since I found Fox River, I don’t have to look any further. Great fitting, excellent wear and durability

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