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RED HEEL® Collection
Celebrating 20 Years of Making the Original Rockford Red Heel®:

Fox River is proud to make the Original Rockford Red Heel in our Osage, Iowa USA facility for the last 20 years (1992 to 2012). We've worked hard to help uphold the legacy and history of the Original Rockford Red Heel brand and it's significant contributions. For the anniversary this year, we've launched the first-ever Original Sock Monkey Kit by the manufacturer. This exciting kit is offered at retail stores nationwide, select online retailers and of course, here at
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More about Fox River and the Original Rockford Red Heel®

Fox River acquired the landmark the Original Rockford Red Heel® sock brand, when Nelson Knitting Mill closed its doors in 1992. The Original Rockford Red Heel is a significant part of America’s industrial past. John Nelson of Rockford, Illinois developed the first seamless sock-knitting machine in 1869 that started the sock boom and Nelson Knitting Mill in 1880. Nelson added the iconic red heel to his socks in 1932 to stand out in the sea of imitators of his seamless Rockfords. A genuine sock monkey still can only be made from the copyrighted Original Rockford Red Heel, the only sock with a knit-in red heel.

Along with the Original Rockford Red Heel brand came the responsibility and joy of sharing the sock monkey and sock toys with new generations. We have taken this responsibility seriously by expanding the well-known sock line with new colors such as Blue Heather in 2009 and Pink Heather in 2010. We have also helped proliferate the sock monkey phenomenon by creating a new sock monkey and friends pattern book in 2010, participating in crafting events and licensing the use of the iconic toy in a “big bowl game” commercial campaign in 2010 for the all-new KIA Sorento. Additionally, our large distribution network has expanded the reach of the Rockford Red Heel. Our worldwide network of retailers, make it available in six countries, 48 states and online.

See the 2010 KIA Sorento Bowl Ad with Sock Monkey:
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A classic American work sock used for a classic American craft.

Rockford Red Heel® Socks
The one and only Original Rockford Red Heel® sock. An American Classic.
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Half the fun of the Sock Monkey is building it yourself! Get everything you need to build one, right here.

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