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You can send socks and a personalized note of support right here on our website. If you have a soldier you want to support, simply place an order via our website. If the shipping address is an APO or FPO, Fox River will cover the cost of shipping.

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You can send socks and a personalized note of support right here from our website to any deployed soldier and we'll cover the shipping to any APO or FPO location. You can shop from our list of Wishlists from deployed soldiers who write to us. If you have a soldier you want to support directly who is not on a Wishlist, simply place an order through our website but you must ship to their APO or FPO location to be included in the free shipping program.

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"They are by far the best socks on the market, tough and durable and lasted the 15 month deployment in the desert. A soldier's feet take a tremendous amount of abuse in the desert and these socks have been tested and proven by my soldiers in the past. There have been times where we cannot do our laundry for weeks at a time, so needless to say the socks got hung out to dry at night and re-used the next day, sometimes a week for 1 pair. The socks never fell apart, the wickaway feature never stopped working even after being worn for several days at a time between washings.

Kenneth B. — USA

"I had been in Iraq for approximately 1 month, and my feet were taking a beating. Not to be gross, but due to the constant heat and sweating, my feet were getting blisters and hot spots. My toes were so bad, it was painful to wear boots. Of course it is required and I still had to wear my boots, but due to that, my feet never healed properly. I went to the Exchange with my friend and there were 2 pair of Fox River's Wick Dry socks #6074. We each bought 1 pair. The next day I put them on, and I swear I will never wear a different brand again. He feels the same too. Your socks are just that awesome! Even with the heat and sand, my feet feel great. The military-issued socks do not even compare!

SSgt Eric G. — Iraq

"I wanted to thank you for this service to our "boys" overseas. My grandson was deployed in October, and I've been sending him your socks (his favorite) regularly. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that our local sporting goods store was out of them. I came home to find out where I could buy them and discovered that I could purchase them online, and you would ship them free. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Proud Marine Mom —USA

"I just started Primary flight training for the Navy down in Pensacola, FL. Obviously I'm having the time of my life, but the standard working uniform socks are pretty terrible, so I went to the store to find some better ones. When I was there, I ran into a marine, and I thought "if anyone knows comfortable footwear, it'll be the Marines," so I asked him "What do you guys wear?" And without any hesitation he said, "If you want the best socks, go look up Fox River." I just ordered my first pair today. I thought you might like to know that Fox River comes highly recommended!

John I., US Navy — Florida

"I don't have enough words to thank you. I have my socks and I got to share some with my teammates, and they are very thankful also. I am personally thankful to know that there are still people like you, people that care and help the service members. Please remember that your actions have made a soldier in Iraq very happy.

SFC Sanchez — Iraq

"I have worn Fox River socks for years. They have held up through combat and numerous schools, including Airborne, Ranger and Recon leader. I have put countless miles on Fox River socks through swamps, deserts, and mountains; they have never failed me. That is why I put my platoon on the wish list. These socks are well worth the price, but for a young enlisted soldier, 15 dollars is too much to spend on something that Uncle Sam is going to give you anyway. What I am trying to say is thanks. You will never know how much a simple pair of socks means to us.

1LT Trae — Afghanistan

"Just wanted to say that these are some of the best socks that I have ever purchased. I am a Marine currently deployed to Afghanistan and purchased a pair in the PX. I have since returned after buying one pair of Performance Maximum socks and purchased another 5 pairs. My feet stay dry throughout the day, but the biggest thing is how comfortable they are. It is the small things that make this place bearable, like putting on a clean pair of Fox River socks on in the morning. Also,knowing that they are made in Iowa, my homestate, makes them even better. Thanks for a superb product. Semper fi.

Christopher M., USMC — North Carolina

"I just had to write you to let you know that about 5 months ago, I purchased 2 pair of your Maximum #6074 Sand Color Military Socks while training at Ft. Drum,NY. Having served in the military for over 16 years now, I will say that they are the most comfortable and reliable military style sock I have ever purchased! I have told my fellow Airmen to visit your website, and advise that they are a "must get" item before heading to Afghanistan this spring. Thanks again, and appreciate the socks for soldiers program you are doing as well. Will certainly share with all my Face Book friends as well. Thanks again, and have a great day!

SSGT Alan O. — New York


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