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WORK Collection
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Strategic Cushioning  Work socks are all about the cushioning.  When you're on your feet all day, you need an extra layer to help absorb the shock, so your feet and bones don't have to.  Choose a style with cushioning in the areas your job is hardest on.

Fit and Moisture Wicking  Fox River brings 100 years of innovation in designing socks with the fit and moisture-wicking fibers that are so important to comfortable feet.  Every Fox River sock will keep your feet dry and fit snugly to reduce friction and stay in place.

Variety  Choose from a variety of styles and colors from boot-wear to uniform wear to comfort/medical, to find the exact footwear that suits you and your work.

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These socks are designed to handle high-activity, extreme conditions and rugged footwear. When you're on your feet all day, you know the importance of comfort, moisture-wicking and temperature control, as well as fit and strategic cushioning/padding. Fox River gets it all done for you.

Unisex Work Collection
Socks that feel great when you're working all day.
Women's Work Collection
This collection of work socks is designed to fit the women's foot, while taking on heavy-duty foot needs.